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December 12, 2008
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howto color with copic markers by miemie-chan3 howto color with copic markers by miemie-chan3
:new: thanks for the DD 8D

I did this back in 2008 so forgive me for not doing my own characters OTL
I am a big fan of Haruhi and really wanted to draw this. I did this tutorial for
a friend because she really liked the way I colored. If I knew I was going to
have a DD on this I totally would of draw something else. OTL;;
but hence this was done in 2008! I was younger and dumb :B

I use Copic Sketch Set 72 set (A) & (B) I buy my copics here [link]

:bulletpink: Artfire shop l FaceBook l Twitter l Tumblr l Formspring :bulletpink:
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Daily Deviation

Given 2011-07-15
Suggester's words: howto color with copic markers by =miemie-chan3 is a wonderfully in depth tut on how create colour with copic markers! This massive tute is easy to follow with heaps of photos and text and is a must for anyone who wants to make the most of their copic markers! ( Suggested by xXAli-StarXx and Featured by FantasyStock )
Ina-Haru Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
i have digital copics via autodesk sketchbook pro, and this worked amazingly for helping me learn how to do the shading with them!
cherry-bomb98 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! this really help me! :iconshaplz:
...Now to get more colors.....
shadamy6432 Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2013  Hobbyist Filmographer
Copic markers look fun i might get some one day... but my friend says all the copic markers (every single color) is like almost $1000! and theen i was all like BUULLLLSHIT! so yeah .. :iconwowplz:
tripod2005 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
The hair looks pretty hard to color!
ATEL1ER Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2013  Student General Artist
I would love to do this...

but all I have right now are three Copics...:iconotlplz:
You sure have a lot of Copics XD
KawaiiStarKirby Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
I want to buy them, but they are so expensive... ;A;
Fainting-Ostrich Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2012  Hobbyist
oh wow :3 Thanks for the tutorial ^^ I'll have to get me some of these markers!!
mewmokona Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
This is weird...That was the first picture I drew and color when I got my copic
Camiko-tan Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2012  Student General Artist
This copic markers have a special edition or version/name?
WolvesLover05 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2012  Hobbyist
Could u do a hair tutorial
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